1st International Virtual Congress on Entrepreneurial Education, Sustainability and Innovation - IVCEESI

1st Brazilian Virtual Congress on Entrepreneurial Education, Sustainability and Innovation - BVCEESI

Important Dates

Activity Deadline
Open for submission January 20, 2022
Submission Deadline March 31, 2022
Submission Results April 20, 2022
Programming Disclosure May 15, 2022
Publication of the ANAIS June 30, 2022

Thematic Areas

1- Education. 2- Distance Education. 3- Management. 4- Entrepreneurship. 5- Sustainability. 6- Innovation.
7- Socio-environmental Responsibility. 8- Ethics. 9- Spirituality. 10- Evaluation.

Guidelines for Submission of Scientific Papers and Formatting Guidelines

Papers will be accepted for the Congress in the format of Scientific Article and Extended Abstract. The scientific article and/or expanded abstracts must be submitted, necessarily, in the standard model of the Congress, according to its own template with the header for all pages, available in Word format. The submission must be in Pdf, i.e. the Word file must be converted into Pdf, for submission with the following formatting: Paper size: A4 (29.7 cm X 21 cm). Margins: top 4 cm; bottom 3 cm; left 2.5 cm; right 2.5 cm. Font: Times New Roman, size 12, Simple spacing between characters, words and lines. Articles - number of pages: minimum 10 and maximum 20. Expanded Abstracts: Number of pages: minimum 2 and maximum 4. Numbering: The pages should not be numbered. Authors' names, institutions and e-mail addresses should be included below the title. Texts should follow ABNT norms.

Download template
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